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3 Simple Ways To Get Rid Of Negative Energy

3 Simple Ways To Get Rid Of Negative Energy

Have you ever had one of those days, one of those bad situations, or one of those encounters with other people that left you feeling like someone had dumped gunk all over you? Bad energy can drain us of joy, create spiritual depression, make us feel sick, and totally ruin an otherwise beautiful day. The good news is that no matter what brought in the bad vibes, you have the power to get rid of them! Use these three simple techniques to cleanse yourself, your environment, and your attitude of negative energy so that you don’t get pulled down with it!


Smudging has been used in just about every culture across the globe. It simply involves sweet-smelling smoke from incense or plant materials being used to fill a space up with visible good energy. Think of the smoke from a smudging ceremony is a kind of spiritual suds that scrub away all the bad vibes!

To smudge, get some incense, sage, cedar, sweet grass, or other safe burning plant that works for you. Light them safely in a fire and heat safe container, and as the smoke begins to rise, put your prayers and good thoughts into it. Let the smoke move around you washing away all the negative energy, and let it fill up the space as well. The scent, visible smoke, and your good intentions and prayers will scrub you and your surroundings and immediately lift the energy back to where it should be.

Flicking, Clapping, and Snapping

In the far east, these practices are very common and I find them to be really effective!

If you come into contact with a negative energy, person, or even thought within yourself, use these ‘on the go’ techniques to clear the energy and avoid sticking to them.

Use your hands to ‘flick’ bad energy off of you. Try to visualize the gunk flying off leaving you clean and elevated. Clap your hands to ‘scare’ bad energy from your life. Snap your fingers to clear negative energies, stop a negative thought train, or protect yourself from agreeing to letting bad energy in to your life.

Light Bath

You can do this anytime, anywhere!

Just visualize and feel yourself being bathed in a pure white (or any color that feels right for you) light. As the light pours over you, it washed away any bad vibes and delivers healing, joy, and potential to you at the same time.

I love practicing this little meditation anytime I feel the sun’s rays hit me – they work so well together!


You are in total control of the energy, beliefs, people, ideas, and thoughts you let into your life! Use these simple, time-honored techniques to take control and live a positive life no matter what comes to your path!

Be Blessed!


6 Responses to “3 Simple Ways To Get Rid Of Negative Energy”

  1. gururaj says:

    Good one

  2. Marie says:

    What wonderful methods to release negative energy. This is going directly into my precious folder. Thank you so very much!

  3. june says:

    how ya feel the nigative enigy

  4. dilia says:

    Thanks for the tips. It is important to recognize that if we are holding anger or resentment against someone. After this exercise
    we need to practice forgiveness. Fill yourself with love until you feel compassion for the aggressor, at this point you are free. When we engage ourselves with another person on hate, we both are creating negative energies. We are center of creation. And those so called “enemies” are the reflection (a mirror picture) of our internal world.

    • Anerli says:

      Dilia, what a wonderful tip ! Almost life changing for me… I’ve been having a lot difficulty try to forgive because it is with my mother… but the way you presented really resonate well with me and helped me tremendously – Thank you for sharing your wisdom!

  5. Jenny says:

    Thank you for the tips. Just what I needed right when I needed them

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