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5 Foods That Fight Fat

5 Foods That Fight Fat

‘Tis the season to shed those extra winter pounds so that you can look and feel great when you’re out enjoying the summer sun! I am not a fan of starvation or dieting, so this season I did some research about which foods I could enjoy that would help slim, tone, and inspire me! here are the 5 I am most excited about…

Greek Yogurt

I love yogurt, and never would have guessed it was helpful in fighting the bulge! The thing about Greek style yogurt is that it has a ton of protein that the body loves. Protein takes a long time to digest, so it ends up staying in your stomach longer. This means feeling fuller and happier for a longer amount of time – less eating!

Many Greek yogurts now come with natural fruits so that you can also curb a sweet tooth when you’re getting your protein!

Green Tea

Hot or iced, green tea help boost the metabolism and get the body burning fat quickly. My friend Josh from Living Herbal Tea suggests drinking sips of green tea throughout the day instead of just taking down one cup in the morning. This way your metabolism will stay piqued throughout the entire day. During the summer, try filling a thermos with chilled green tea and lemon and sipping it throughout the day. Yum!


What? Watermelon can help us lose weight? It turns out that like the name suggests, watermelon has a ton of water content. This means a fuller stomach and more hydrated body to combat hunger, emotional eating, and cravings! Experts say that many people who think they are hungry are really just thirsty, so eating watermelon may just be the best of both worlds. have you ever sliced up your melon and refrigerated it for several hours so that you could enjoy it ice cold? It’s an amazing treat and the perfect healthy alternative for ice cream lovers.


Eating raw sliced vegetables is a simple way to get your snack on with none of the guilt or weight. Veggies are high in nutrients, water, and life energy, so having them on hand to replace chips or other snacks is a great idea.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is a true superfood! It’s paccked with all kinds of nutrients, and it’s even got some of the most important ‘good fats’ we need to look, feel, and function our very best each day. The types of plant fats contained in coconut oil cause something called satiety in the body – that means we fell fuller, longer! Adding coconut oil to a smoothie, salad, juice, or other fresh dish is a great way to get all the health benefits it offers with no added hassle.


Here’s to happy snacking, a full stomach, a healthy body, and easy weight loss!

As with all diets and weight loss goals, make sure to talk with your health care professional to make sure that you have all the information you need to stay healthy.

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