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5 Ways To Generate Gratitude Everyday

5 Ways To Generate Gratitude Everyday

Sometimes it can be hard to remember gratitude and to notice the power of every moment in life. While stress and challenges may get in the way, the truth is that we do have the ability to stay in a place of gratitude just about all the time. The more we cultivate and generate, the easier it gets, so put these tips to work in your life and watch the transformations happen!

Say Thank You

The first and best way to start accepting the amazing things that gratitude can do for you is to say thank you. Acknowledging when others do even small things in your benefit allows your heart to heal and open up more in trust and love to even greater things. A simple ‘thanks’ go endless miles!

Honor Inspiration

When you feel the need to call, pick up a gift, or just feel inclined to do something special for someone who pops into your mind – follow it! In these moments we are able to truly celebrate the ways in which we are all connected, and it usually works out that when we express our gratitude in this way it’s needed most by the person who’s involved.

Count Up

At the end of each day, even while laying in bed, take time to try and count 5, 10, 15, 0r more things that you’e grateful for from the day. One fun thing you can do is add a number each day and see how high you can go! Falling asleep with this kind of energy and these kinds of thoughts can create waves of healing and positive change in your life!

Learn To Receive

In order for your gratitude to others to be effective, you need to learn to accept the gratitude others send to you as well. When people thank you, praise you, or honor you, choose to accept that good energy fully. Say you’re welcome, say thank you in return, and take the good energy! Never block a compliment or a gift!

Love Thy Self

Take time every day to love yourself. Celebrate the things you are proud of and don’t rely too much on waiting around for others to get the big picture. If you feel accomplished, proud, happy, or satisfied with something you’ve done – take a moment and celebrate that by telling yourself that you love who you are!

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