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5 Ways To Add Health & Positivity To Your Life Right Now

5 Ways To Add Health & Positivity To Your Life Right Now

In celebration of the ‘Healthy By The Holidays’ event on the Circles Of Inspiration Facebook page, I wanted to share some hassle-free ways for you to de-stress, get healthy, and add more energy to your life right now. Nobody wants health to be complicated – and the good news is that it doesn’t have to be! Check out these great tips to see just how easy it can be!


Being positive and cultivating good feelings is one of the best ways to keep the doctor away while adding more love and joy to your life. If you’re on Facebook, there are huge communities of people who share inspiration, laughter, and wisdom throughout the day to keep your heart and mind in the right place. Check out the official Circles Of Inspiration¬†Facebook¬†page to see what they’re all up to!

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Adding more juice, fruits, and veggies to your life is an easy and affordable way to make seriously positive steps in health and happiness. Pick up just one extra piece of fruit or one extra veggie option the next time you shop and watch it slowly turn in to a healthy habit!


Explore the many health advances available right now. From healing bentonite clay and herbal teas to cleanses and fasts, there are many ways for you to add healing to your life with none of the hassle.


Get just a little more exercise each and every day. Park further away from the door when you go to the store, take the stairs instead of the elevator, walk the dog more often, or push yourself to walk one block further each week. Even small changes in exercise can lead to amazing results!


Choose happiness, joy, and inspiration! Stay where you feel good and move away from the things that take away from your joy. The happier you are – the healthier you are!


Here’s to all of our health!


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