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The 8th Charka

The 8th Charka

Do you know about the 7 Chakras? If not, check out my series dedicated to these powerful energy centers of healing, inspiration, and spirituality here.

While most people know about the 7 chakras, many don’t know about the 8th! This very special energy center resides two feet above the crown of the head – and unlike the other chakras it does not have an association with any physical part of the body. Instead. it is a purely spiritual center that organized and alignes the other chakras while also opening us up to divine energy.

The 8th chakras is like a golden-orange orb of brilliant light that hovers gracefully above our auric fields. It sits like a crown on top of the spiritual light that emanates from our being, and it rains down spiritual energy to protect, nourish, and enlighten us.

Since love is the most spiritual of all powers, the 8th chakras has a close connection to it. This energy center channels pure, selfless, cosmic love into our systems so that we ca experience and share in absolute divine love.

From the lofty heights of the 8th chakra we can experience feeling a loving connection to the whole of existence while also feeling true in ourselves and connected to the Divine.

The eight chakra can be worked with by simply using our intuition to ‘find it’ above our crowns, then by focusing intuitively on the light or energy that comes from it. It may take time, but eventually you’ll start to perceive this energy center pulsing and glowing above you – and when you do you’ll activate and heal it just by connecting to it.

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  1. ginni howes says:

    Thank you for all your information because this makes sense to me completely!!!!!

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