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About Me

Your personal style echoes the light you have inside you, but what are you wearing right now that reflects your inner shine, brilliance, radiance?

A colorful, unique and lovingly handmade ‘Circles of Inspiration’ charm says you are filled with joy. Your smile is contagious and sincere. The greatest joy for you is making people smile. Through your unique style you celebrate how wonderful it is to live a blessed life full of joy. Your fashionista sense of style says  ‘I’m fun and enjoy life.’ You are stylish, vivacious, not afraid to take risks, trendy and have flair to influence those around you into enjoying life and celebrating each day.

You are an inspiration.

My name is Anna Pereira. I create for you … the self-assured, expressive woman who practices gratitude is kind hearted, yet as individual as they come. All of my art and jewelry, including my ‘Circles of Inspiration’ handmade charms were inspired by my belief in being blessed. I know I am blessed and the more I give thanks each day, the more I receive divine blessings. I take great joy in being a best friend, mom (to a super pit bull) and wife. I try to be as positive as I can be and being that role model for others. Understanding the power of being blessed and giving acknowledgement to my blessings has brought me joy that cannot be expressed in words, but spoken clearly in my eyes and smile. You are blessed! I assure you. What are you thankful for? With each noted item, you smile a little bit bigger. Can you, in your times of distress, think about how blessed you are and change how you feel to a positive feeling? Radiate the blessings and pass on the positive vibes.

‘Circles of Inspiration’ are cheerful and bright made by hand. I paint each and every one, assemble and package with love and my intention for you to ‘Live a Blessed Life’.

Do something good for someone today, they will pay it forward. Pass on the positive vibes!