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Blessed & Grateful

Blessed & Grateful

Two of my favorite words – and favorite states of being – are blessed & grateful. I love these two words and their energies because I think that they sum up everything we need to live a truly joyful life.

When we are Blessed we are able to see that the world around us, even when it challenges us, is a beautiful thing. We recognize the small things and the big things, and count our blessings. Being blessed means that our hearts and minds are open to the endless flow of love from the Divine, and that we know how to put that love to good use in the world.

The natural next step from being blessed is being Grateful. When we see just how blessed and valuable we are in the world, we suddenly find ourselves extremely grateful for just how amazing this life journey is. The gratitude we feel saturates our being while extending out to other people as well.

As you can see, being connected to the many ways we are blessed and grateful is a real life changer. Things get positive, look better, and doors open up at every turn. We start to see that the world is with us and not against us, and we remain trusting and open that we can handle whatever comes our way and learn from it at the same time.

I love these words and their meanings so much that I recently created a collection of inspirational wristbands to help keep my mind and heart in the right place all the time. These wristbands are super popular right now, and they come in a huge array of colors and sizes to fit every wrist. They make am amazing gift to yourself or someone you know, and I’ve priced them so low that you can afford to keep a few on you at all times to hand out as you go through your day!

Click the link below to see them all…

Blessed & Grateful Wristbands

2 Responses to “Blessed & Grateful”

  1. Linda Baird says:

    I love your designs and I am trying to add a wristband to my order of necklace. I seem to have a hard time navigating your website. This happened last order. Is it just me? O_o

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