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Choosing Serenity

Choosing Serenity

Did you know that being in a state of peace, happiness, and serenity is a choice?

Many of us feel that life happens to us and so we feel that we have no power in creating the path we want to walk. The truth is that our thoughts and actions at every moment are seeds that will blossom in the future and become the life we experience one day.

One of the best ways we can ensure that our life journey transforms into an experience of growth, joy, and serenity is to start embodying these things right now in this moment. What we plant now becomes what we sow later – so this is the moment for change!

Being in a state of serenity means that we choose not to engage in toxic or stressful thinking. We choose to let things go that no longer serve us, release things we can’t control, and take actions that cultivate peace and tranquility in our lives.


When we find ourselves getting all wound up from negative thinking, we are losing our serenity in the moment and ruining it for the future. At these times we can simply take a breath, put a smile on our faces (even if we have to fake it!), and think something better. If we’re stressing out about our job and delving into negative depths, we simply have to pull back and choose not to do that. We have to start thinking thoughts of gratitude and joy about our jobs – and if we can’t do that – we just need to change the subject completely.

Our actions are also important. If we want the best serenity and joy from life but we say and do things against ourselves and others, we won’t win. Making sure that we use our actions and energies to do good in the world and for ourselves is a very powerful and fast-acting way to start seeing the changes we want to see. A great place to start is simply by choosing really healthy and living foods to put into your own body – when you do this you are saying that you respect and love yourself and the universe will follow!

Serenity happens when no matter what is going on in our lives we are able to maintain a state of trust, balance, and hope. We simply cannot be shaken by external things because we trust in what we’ve created in our own hearts so much. We believe in ourselves and know that whatever life hands us we can certainly succeed!

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