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Endless Love

Endless Love

We always hear that in all things, including our individual spiritual journeys, we should act in moderation. Everything should be done in balance from time spent in meditation and prayer to time spent in action. But did you know that there is one thing that should never be done in moderation? Love! That’s right, love! Learning to love without limit, boundary, or imbalance is the most powerful and most universal way to attain the highest spiritual levels and heal our lives and the lives of others at the same time.

Love is the single force that creates, maintains, and transforms the universe. Through this power we have all been given life, blessings, challenges, and a destiny. It brings us together, manifests the universal laws, and creates every sacred moment. No matter what our individual religious or spiritual beliefs may be, we can trace existence itself back to pure love.

Love allows us to relax and open up to the flow of wisdom and power that exists all around us. When we are in a state of pure loving energy, no fear, anxiety, hurt, or negativity can exist. Loving power can and odes challenge us in pretty amazing ways – but it’s never hurtful, only strengthening!

When we choose to see love, live love, and be love, we align ourselves to the Divine and to the whole of existence. We become channels by which we are spiritually, emotionally, and even physically healed – and we are able to subtly give healing energy to others just by being near them.

Today is the day when you can choose to be love. Start seeing it, believing in it, and realizing that it’s always there.

With love…

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