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Energy & Serenity

Energy & Serenity

This week I am so excited to feature one of my favorite pairs of Circles Of Inspiration earrings. This particular design is really special to me, and it’s one of the most popular sets that I offer. I’d like to share this with you because now, more than ever, I think the need for both peaceĀ and energy is important!


Serenity and peace are essential for our well-being. Stress is the leading cause of disease in the USA, and it is a silent attacker that most of us have just accepted as part of life. While challenges, traumas, and anxiety will happen – serenity can also happen. There’s nothing preventing us from living a life of serenity and peace because we can keep these feelings alive even when the going gets tough!

When we think of serenity we often think of relaxation, a day at the spa, the perfect sunset, or drifting off to sleep. While these are all perfect moments of experiencing the serene – what about during the day when the hustle and bustle of work, family, friends, and life has up up and about?


Serenity and energy can go hand in hand! We can be energetic, alive, inspired, and conscious while also being in a place of peace. Good energy comes as a result of having all the power and passion for life we need with none of the sluggishness or scurrying that anxiety brings.

Good energy means that we’re treating our bodies, minds, emotions, and souls with respect so that serenity can be fostered throughout every moment of every day. We eat good food, drink good drinks, get healthy movement, think healing thoughts, and associate with good people who keep up inspired. These things all create energy and serenity at the same time!


Coral ‘Serenity’ Earrings

I created the coral Serenity earrings to reflect the combination of peace and power at the same time.

The vibrant red and purple hues in this handmade earring set inspire, enliven, and encourage us to participate fully in life. The interesting thing is that at the same time they also deliver a sense of calm confidence, deep serenity, and full peace.

Click the link below to see more about this pair, and to learn more about the energy and symbolism they carry…

Coral ‘Serenity’ Earrings

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