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Featured Charm : Believe

Featured Charm : Believe

Happy Spring! I hope you are enjoying the changing weather, the seasonal colors, and the many new things to do like I am. I love this time of year, and it always inspired me to step out of whatever pattern I may be in to see what else the world has in store for me.

In celebration of the season, I thought it would be nice to look at one of my favorite and most popular inspirational charms. The ‘Believe’ charm in purple was designed to remind us that what we believe ends up part of what we experience – and there’s not better time to work on our beliefs than springtime!

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Just like planting seeds in the soil, our beliefs about ourselves, the world, and others come to bloom and tint the life we lead. If we believe negative things about our worth, power, or importance we will end up repeating patterns that reinforce those beliefs. Similarly, if we view the world and the people in it as something to be overly protective about, fearful of, or leery about – we end up calling out experiences that prove our beliefs to be true.

The ‘Believe’ inspirational charm was designed and handmade by me to remind us all that we have the power to create healthy, positive, and inspired beliefs. We can choose to work on ourselves and stay in the positive end of the spectrum. When we notice that our thoughts, feelings, or actions reflect a bad belief, we have all the power and wisdom we need to heal that pattern… every time, all the time!


The ‘Believe’ charm is all about reminding us of that power and keeping usĀ inspiredĀ to always have excellent self care and to love who we are and where we wish to be in life. I invite you to click the link below to see more of this charm and to let the good energy and colorful light it carries make a positive change on your life right now!

Purple ‘Believe’ Charm

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