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Featured Charm : BELIEVE

Featured Charm : BELIEVE

The ‘Believe’ charm is one of my favorites because it focuses on a word that has been a true blessing for me throughout my life. Through the good times and the hard, I have used the power of the ‘Believe’ charm to keep myself on the path that I truly do believe in – no matter what life may bring me. Each of us faces adversities and challenges along the way, but if we stick to what we believe, we will always come out in the light.

Belief is one of the most personal things we can explore as individuals. You often hear people saying that the two topics you should never discuss are politics and beliefs! I think that our beliefs form the individual that we are, and that our beliefs are what get us through the hardest times and help us find gratitude for the great times.

The purpose of the ‘Believe’ charm is to remind us that we create our own realities, and that the ideals, people, goals, and possibilities we believe in will one day be the life we are living. The Circles Of Inspiration ‘Belief’ charms act as a constant reminder to stay true to our authentic selves, live the life we believe in, and believe in the power of ourselves. Belief is more than just a set of laws or rules – it’s an energy that keeps us inspired, moving forward, and walking the path that is most aligned to our true self.

When you wear my handmade charms, the words will be with you all day long. Whether you choose the ‘Believe’ charm or any of the other inspirational words, you will be surrounding yourself with beauty on the outside and on the inside. The one of a kind jewelry I create is a mirror for your greatest potential – so wear them with pride!

See them here!

10 Responses to “Featured Charm : BELIEVE”

  1. I Believe that your work is truly inspirational and reflection of the Spirit in all of us! Thank you for this wonderful post Anna and for the leap of faith we all take everyday in every way!

  2. Sandy says:

    Love it Anna! You have a wonderful concept to your business and some wonderfulcharms!

    May I suggest you add a share it button, a RSS feed option, and a Pin It, if you can. Will get the word out quicker for you!

    Good luck!
    Sandy Dell

  3. Lori Cohn says:

    Anna, great post and absolutely love your jewelry!

  4. Ainslie says:


    There is a joy that comes from just seeing your bright jewellery. In our daily struggles this is a wonderful reprieve.

    Thank you + please keep making beautiful work!

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