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Featured Charm : Grateful

Featured Charm : Grateful

The best prayer you can say is ‘thank you’.

The best attitude to have is ‘gratitude’.

The most powerful blessing to give is to be ‘grateful’.

Cultivating grateful energy in your life can be one of the most powerful ways to transform yourself (and the world you live in!). When we live in a grateful pleace, we start to see the hidden beauty in all things, and the universe responds by sending us more of it.

To be grateful is to recognize how amazing people, places, and events really are – even if they don’t seem all that great on the surface. Knowing and believing that there are hidden lessons and some amazing serendipity in everything that happens can help us relax during the challenging times and truly celebrate the good ones!

The Circles Of Inspiration ‘Grateful’ Charm was made with all of the beautiful, light, blessed energy that comes when we cultivate and nurture gratitude in our hearts in minds. This charm brings together colors, shapes, charms, and energies that remind anyone who wears it and anyone who sees it to take just one moment for a powerful burst of gratitude!

The Grateful Super Charm comes in two styles – purple, and green and brown.

The purple charm brings the spiritually uplifting energy of royal purple and combines it with genuine Swarovski® crystals, a freshwater pearl, Argentium® silver wire wrapping, a silver charm dangle, and a sterling silver chain. Purple is known to inspire a connection to spiritual realms, an understanding of universal wisdom, and a deeper connection to abundance and wealth.

Life-giving green and earthy brown combine in the green & brown Grateful Super Charm to created a centered, calm, and ‘here and  now’ kind of gratitude that works for everyone. If the purple charm is heaven, this charm is earth! This charm is perfect for people who need to remember to slow down, take a deep breath, and enjoy the sacred power of this moment – right here, right now. Like the purple Grateful Super Charm, this charm also includes genuine Swarovski® crystals, freshwater pearls, Argentium® silver wire wrapping, a silver charm dangle, and a sterling silver chain.


Click the link below to step in to the Circles Of Inspiration – and find more Grateful energy in your life right now!

Grateful Super Charm Gallery




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