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Featured Earrings : Brown Blessed

Featured Earrings : Brown Blessed

What happens when you combine the earthy, comforting, and nurturing color of brown with the light, energy, and beauty of genuine Swarovski crystals? The brown ‘Blessed’ earrings, of course! I have been creating these pieces by hand in my studio for sometime and they have become one of my personal favorites, and one of the most loved sets by my repeat clients. Today, I’d like to introduce you to the brown Blessed handmade earrings and tell you a little bit about what goes into each piece and what the intention and blessing is in every pair.

Being Blessed

Chances are that you’ve heard of affirmations and positive thinking, and that you know how these simple things can change your life in amazing ways. The brown Blessed earrings actually work in the same way that positive affirmations work in that they remind us to notice our blessings and stay in a positive space of always feeling and recognizing the good things in life.

We are all equally blessed, but to receive all of the countless good things that come from being blessed we have to learn to recognize them and then let them in. Wearing these earrings is like an active meditation and a moving affirmation that helps open your body, mind, and spirit to being in a more positive and empowered state of mind – all the time!


Made With Love

I create each pair of inspirational earrings in my studio and hold positive space while I create. Each pair is made with love and blessings for the special person who will eventually wear them – and I truly believe that energy carries through in a way you can feel.

The brown Blessed earrings are made using genuine Swarovski crystals and sterling silver ear wires and hoops.

Earth Light

I love the contrast of earthy brown and the dazzling light of the crystals. Usually when we think of nurturing earth we think of dark, damp, and mysterious. I love that these earrings bring the blessedness of the earth into the light and show off just how dynamic and even playful brown can be!


To see more of these earrings, click the link below! And make sure to check out the matching super charm!

Blessed Earrings

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