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Featured Gift Set : FEARLESS in Teal & Brown

Featured Gift Set : FEARLESS in Teal & Brown

Can you believe the New Year is just about a week away? I am so excited about all of the great new things 2014 offers us, and I am looking so forward to exploring just what we can all do with the new energies and potentials coming our way. At the close of each year, I try to select a charm and a gift set that both reflect what I think the New Year could be about for us. last week I showed you the purple Namaste charm as my selected piece for 2014. Today, I’d like to introduce you to the Fearless charm in teal and brown as my special gift set for the New Year ahead!



I made this charm for many reasons. First, I believe that fear is the opposite of love. When we forget to love ourselves, find love in the world, or even seek out the love we deserve – fear happens. Fear prevents us from making good changes on our paths and it can prevent us from seeing and receiving the endless blessings that come our way every day.

To be fearless is to trust and have faith that our life journeys have purpose and meaning. When we get disconnected from the power of our path, it becomes easy to fear the unknown. When we trust that our paths will always take us in the directions we need to go – there’s no fear – only adventure!

Living fearless happens when we honor our past and get excited about our future but stay rooted in the moment. Lao Tzu said that depression lives in the past and anxiety lives in the future – but true peace (and fearlessness!) liveĀ right here, right now.

Fearless Earrings

Teal & Brown

I chose the teal and brown color combination because I think it’s the perfect balance of earth and sky, body and mind, energy and calm.

The soothing teal tones remind me of a boundless daytime sky that has no limit. It soothes and inspires while reminding us of endless blessings.

The brown is earthy, grounding, and protective. It nourishes and energizes us for what’s ahead while helping us heal and learn from what’s in the past.

The Gift Set

Each Fearless gift set comes complete with a handmade charm made from high end inks, Argentium hypoalergenic silver, Swarovski crystals, freshwater pearl, and silver charm.

The earring sets are light and vibrant, and they’re made by hand in my studio with genuine Swarovski crystals and gentle silver elements.


Click the link below to explore this piece and see other gift sets available now from the Circles Of Inspiration line…

Fearless in Teal & Brown

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