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Featured Gift Set : Serenity

Featured Gift Set : Serenity

Stress, strain, worry, and chaotic energy are all the leading causes behind some of the worst illnesses we face these days. The world seems to go a million miles a second, and it often seems impossible to keep up. When we fall behind or have too much on our plates or in our minds we end up getting stuck in our own heads and locked up about things that should be simple. Stress and strain soon follows, and it’s not long before we’re drained of energy, tired, and imbalanced.

It seems like the modern world wants us to live a stressful life. I don’t know about you, but I’m choosing to say no! I believe that serenity and peace are our birthrights, and that we can even go through stressful situations without losing our sense of calm abiding.

Many people have stress and strain in their lives these days, which is why I created the Serenity gift set. This beautiful set features a charm and matching earrings in either a blue or coral color scheme.

Serenity Gift Set

Like all of my charms, the Serenity gift set charm features genuine Swarovski crystals, Argentium silver, saterling silver charms, and your choice of an 18″ or 20″ sterling silver hypoallergenic soft chain. You’ll also get a one-of-a-kind handmade charm with the most vibrant colors and energy you can imagine!

The matching earrings are made from the same high quality materials are will add even more inspiration and positive energy to the set.

Serenity Earrings

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