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Handmade Namaste Charm

Handmade Namaste Charm

One of the oldest and most cherished spiritual phrases we have alive in the modern day is Namaste. This term, hailing from the ancient and rich traditions of India, is a way to say volumes in just one word.

Namaste is a greeting wherein the truest, most eternal part of who we are recognizes and honors the same in someone else. This phrase is literally intended to be a greeting between souls on the purest and most profound level of spirituality.

Namaste Charm

For many people, Namaste is not only a greeting of honor, it’s also a powerful affirmation. In one word it affirms that we are all unique and individual souls who are equal and connected in profound ways.

I created the Namaste charms as a way to celebrate the culture that has shared this word with the world, while also giving us a simple and powerful way to wrap up in the positive energy of what it means.

The Namaste charm in purple is created by hand in my studio with the best elements and materials. I put positive energy and intention into every single piece, and no two ever come out the same. Like us, they are all the same charm with truly unique differences.

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