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Healing With Color

Healing With Color

Healing with color is one of the easiest and most natural ways to draw powerful energies into your life that uplift your mood, calm your mind, and provide your body with much needed light that helps activate and tune its own healing process. You can find countless books on the subject of healing color and many websites that explain which colors offer what healing power – but the best technique is always to follow your own intuition! I’ll share some of my favorite color meaning websites with you later in the post, but for now, here are some simple tips to help you use color in your life in an intentional, meaningful, and truly healing way!

When selecting a color, follow your heart. If yellow stands out in your closet as you dress for the day – go with it! You may need that color to balance yourself. If a color seems particularly ‘off’ to you, go to its opposite on the color wheel and see if the compliment is needed. Follow your intuition to see which colors are the best energy tonic for you each day!\

  • Use clothing! Clothes are a great way to wrap yourself up in color and surround yourself with color energy all day long.
  • If you feel drawn to natural things like flowers, animals, or reflections on the water, pay special attention to the colors being displayed and really open up intentionally to allow the color rays to enter your being.
  • Use jewelry, crystals, gems, glass, and other materials to adorn your body and bring in more color. Swarovski crystals, translucent gemstones, and glass beads are great ways to allow the light all around you to take on the color of your jewelry as it hits your skin.
  • Spending time outdoors in nature will often expose you to the full spectrum of colors and to pure light. Try to take a walk once a day or just step outside to breathe and let the light in!

Here are some great websites that explain more about healing with color and what each color does to help empower you…


With love…

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