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Featured Charm : Journey In Green

Featured Charm : Journey In Green

I am so excited to feature one of my personal favorite Circles Of Inspiration charms. I love the colors, energy, and meaning behind this charm and I love how each handmade piece comes out in its own unique way. Even though many people share in celebrating the power of the journey through this charm, no two are alike!

Like all of the charms that come from my studio, each Journey charm is created by hand using only the best materials, elements, and construction techniques. I use high quality Swarovski crystal elements, Argentium silver, sterling silver, and the best artist-grade inks to ensure that you get color, energy, and longevity in every piece you own.

Journey Charm


I created the Journey inspirational charm to help remind us that we are, in fact, all on a journey. Our relationships, healing, education, and spiritual path are all journeys within a greater soul journey, and when we see life that way things tend to take on a new depth of meaning. When we are able to celebrate each step of the journey we are on, the path we walk starts to become wider and more beautiful as it becomes filled with our gratitude.

Inspirational Charm Green


In addition to the green Journey super charm shown in this post, I also create matching earrings that help complete the look and the energy. You can purchase the earrings on their own, or get them as part of a beautifully packaged gift set that includes the earrings and a matching charm…



See them all by clicking the button below…

Green Journey Charm

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