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Let The Sun Shine In!

Let The Sun Shine In!

The sun is one of the most powerful and blessed forces in our lives. It shines on us every day and provides essential ingredients for our lives on this Earth. Throughout time the sun has been seen as a symbol of the Divine, the ‘eye of God’, and the ancestor of all humans. It’s almost impossible not to look into the sky and be in awe at the day star of fire and not be in awe! Today I’d like to share some healing and empowerment regarding our Sun, and give you some ideas about how to receive personal healing through the light and warmth the sun delivers every day.

A Floating Miracle

The sun is exactly as far away from the Earth as it needs to be to support life. If it were just a bit closer, things would be too hot here for us to survive. Just a little further away and we would all freeze! The sun is literally positioned in our sky in the most optimal place for the health and happiness of our world.

Essential Nutrients

The sun is essential for our body to function. Without light from the sun we cannot create vitamin D and other processes become impossible as well. We also get no chlorophyll from the plants we eat if there is no sun to bathe their leaves.

Light & Inspiration

The sun allows us to see the world around us. It illuminates and brings to life the colors and textures that make up our world, and it allows us to see just what we’ve been blessed with. The light and warmth of the sun inspire us and help us feel loved, nurtured, and safe.


Now I’d like to share a simple meditation exercise that you can do anytime to openly receive the light, warmth, and blessings of the sun. Please remember that sunscreen is an essential part of respecting your body and the power of the day star. Apply sunblock or wear sunscreening clothing before spending time in the sun’s rays.

  • Go outside and find somewhere that connects you directly with the sunlight.
  • Aim the palms of your hand at the sun and adjust them until you can actually feel the heat of the sunlight hitting them. This is exactly what the plants do!
  • Simply sit or stand and feel the warmth in your palms and over your whole body – experience the light of it all.
  • Consciously allow the warmth and light to fill up your body through your hands. Feel it running up your arms, into your chest, down to your feet, and up to your head. Literally fill yourself up with light, love, and warmth.
  • When you feel completely warm and illuminated, turn your palms to the earth and share a little bit of your blessings with the world.
  • Take a few moments to ground and center, and just enjoy the sunny love!


Take time to really see and experience the sun this season. Try not to take it for granted and really connect with just how amazing it is!

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