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Love Meditation : Changing The World

Love Meditation : Changing The World

One of my favorite ways to make the world (and my personal life!) a better place is to practice this simple love meditation each day whenever I have a few minutes. This is a ‘living meditation’ which means that you can sit and make it formal – or perform it anytime, anywhere! I’ve done this meditation on line at the store, in traffic, as I dozed off for a nap, and while I’ve prepared a meal. There is so much power in this quick and easy love meditation that it can drastically change your mood, your attitude, the level at which you are open to receiving blessings, and even your health… and if that’s not incentive enough, you’re literally changing the world we all live in each and every time you practice this!

Try this in a quiet, private place the first few times to really get it down. Allow yourself to make it personal for you so that your own ideas and energies get thrown into the mix. You can follow this point-by-point, or use it as a general guide to create your own. Feel free to add special prayers you love, affirmations, or other actions that power it up even more for you.

  • Take a moment to contemplate how meaningful it is to be loved. Remember how great it feels when you feel loved, safe, protected, nurtured, and abundant. Allow yourself to feel these things before you send them to others.
  • Connect to the world in your mind and in your heart. You may just look at the world around you, or you may think of the earth, an infinite crowd of people, or a symbol in your mind’s eye that represents all of us. Try to connect to all of the individuals, stories, histories, and power that exists in all of us.
  • Once you feel connected, start simply seeing, feeling, imagining, pretending, visualizing, speaking, or willing everyone you feel connected to to be completely bathed in pure love. Just let it flow!
  • Just experience the world and everyone in it being in a pure state of unconditional love!
  • This needs to be pure love… include everyone, especially the people who need it most – these can be the hardest people to love sometimes – it’s a great lesson in compassion!
  • When you’re out in the world living your life, just see and feel each person, crowd, building, etc. surrounded in pure love! See all of us equally loved, nurtured, protected, and enlightened.

Sound simple? It is! The truth about the most powerful spiritual acts in the world is that they tend to be the most humble. Try this exercise and experience for yourself what it does. You may have some negative or fearful feelings come up the first few times – consider this detox! Push through it and keep going, you’ll be glad you did!

To help remember this meditation and just how powerful love is, check out my ‘love’ handmade inspiration charm! It sits right on your heart center and helps keeps keep the good energy flowing!

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