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Love Thy Self

Love Thy Self

Did you know that before you can love others or even fully receive the love that others have to give, you must first learn to fully love yourself? In our world we are taught that self love is the same as being vain and conceited. The truth is, however, that self love is about recognizing the miracle and blessing that our lives are – and honoring the fact that the universe supports our existence. After all, if we weren’t important, we wouldn’t be here!

Learning to love ourselves helps us to cultivate self esteem and personal power because we recognize that we are important and meaningful in the world. Self love helps us to step out of old patterns of victimization, fear, and confusion so that we can live from a place of personal power and make choices that work for us and for the world around us. When we truly love ourselves, we never make poor decisions about health, nutrition, relationships, money, or anything else! How can we? Self love means that we take as good of care of ourselves as we do the people we love in our lives… imagine just for a moment what that looks like!

Self love leads to better health, more happiness, better relationships, clearer communication, stronger boundaries, faster healing, greater spiritual growth, and a lot more gratitude and smiles.

How To Cultivate Self Love

Before we start, I want to clarify one thing. Self love is not the same as narcissism or being stuck up. We love ourselves so that we can love others, and we love ourselves because we are grateful for our lives and our journeys – not because we think we are better and more valuable than others. Self love is part of a full life of pure love, not separate from it.

There are two easy ways to create more love for yourself every day: affirmations and noticing.


Throughout the day, say good things to yourself. Tell yourself that you love who you are, that you accept who you are, that you celebrate who you are, and that you are good enough and approve of who you are. Try to really connect to what love really is and feel this for real. You shouldn’t need to fake it since you can absolutely feel love for yourself no matter how imperfect you may believe you are.

Love is not about being good enough or perfect. It’s about being accepted, valued, and respected. You can do these things for yourself right now, and you can celebrate the things you’ve accomplished as a way to see just how amazing you really are!


When you do something nice, make an accomplishment, or overcome a challenge – be the first person to notice it. Congratulate yourself and be proud of your success. You have every right to celebrate the great things you do!

The more you notice and celebrate the things you are proud and happy about, the more your mind will gear towards those things in the future. Waiting around for others to notice and recognize is such a waste of energy! Be your own biggest fan and be in the bliss regardless of what others think or do. You are the one who sees it, so you should feel great about cheering it on!


Try these techniques for just one week and see the differences they make. You may find healing, positive changes, and cleansing come from out of the blue – and you can owe it all to putting love where love is due.

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