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One Of A Kind Inspirational Jewelry

One Of A Kind Inspirational Jewelry

Chances are that if you’re here you’re already¬†acquainted¬†with my work at Anna Pereira Designs where I create handmade pendants and earrings inspired by positive energy. If you’ve never seen my work, take a moment to go check it out!

My line at Anna Pereira Designs is always evolving – but did you know that I also create special one-of-a-kind pieces that are made in extremely limited editions and that are only available via my Facebook page? This is your official invitation to come see what over 25,000 people are participating in!

Here are a couple of recent flash offerings I mad eon my Facebook page…

inspirational rings


one of a kind inspirational necklace


So now is the time to head over to my Facebook page where I share lots of inspiration, positive energy, wisdom, and love – plus some extra special inspiration jewelry pieces…

Circles Of Inspiration On Facebook

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