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Opening The Heart With Gratitude

Opening The Heart With Gratitude

Did you know that the power of gratitude can actually help heal the heart and open it up into a place of power and trust? Most of us have old and new wounds in our hearts that create fear, lack of trust, and challenges. These wounds are caused by experiences that simple didn’t feel right for us. While we all know how it feels to have a hurt or broken heart, we may not realize how far these things can influence our lives as we move forward. The good news is that practicing gratitude can help heal the scars of the heart so that we can fully express who we are without fear or limitation.


When we work with gratitude, we can be who we really are. Gratitude helps us figure out what we actually like and who we are underneath all the things the world tells us we should be. Gratitude allows us to discover the things that make us feel whole and happy so that we can cultivate a true and loving relationship with ourselves.


When we get hurt, we often feel alienated from the world. We feel that we don’t belong or that it’s simply not safe to be here and this causes endless issues. Gratitude can help us start to see more of the good things in the world so that we can live from a place of safe celebration more and more every day.


Fear is the opposite of love. When we fear something we simply aren’t able to see or experience the love that may be within it. Fears prevent us from seeing the truth of a thing and they allow what we assume is real to trump what is actually real. Practicing gratitude and compassion helps us break through our self-limiting beliefs so that we can live in the moment and see things for what they really are.


When we practice gratitude we step into a place where we can relax and believe in the healing power of life. Trust is all about believing that all is well, and when we celebrate the small things we start to realize that it really is okay to trust the processĀ and ourselves!


As we celebrate gratitude month all November, take time to add more grateful energy into your own heart. It literally has the power to change everything!

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