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Pay It Forward!

Pay It Forward!

November is known as the season of giving – not just because we share meals and gifts with our friends and families, but because this is the perfect time of year to open our hearts and share what we have with those who are less fortunate than we are. One of the best ways to truly experience all of the magic, healing, and blessings that this season has to offer is to open our hearts to those who are in need and make a positive change in their lives through sharing.

Each of us has things we’re passionate about. I am an advocate for pet adoption and breast cancer. You may be passionate about a disease that’s affected your family or a cause that’s meaningful in your life. If you are, now is the time to think about how you can make a positive change in the area that’s most important for you. Choosing to make a donation of your time, energy, words, or even simple prayers can make all the difference in the world where it’s needed most.

There are also some places where we can always put our energy and find that it is well received. Helping homeless people and animals, aiding communities in recovering from natural disasters like hurricane Sandy, supporting the environment, or helping to find treatments and cures for various diseases are all great ways to give this season – and you’ll find that it all comes back to you in some pretty amazing ways!

Here are a few charities and organizations to consider donating to this season – and keep in mind that your time is just as meaningful as your money, so donate in any way you can!

American Society For The Prevention Of Cruelty To Animals

 American Red Cross


National Coalition For The Homeless



I hope that you’ll join me in giving, in any way you can, this holiday season. We have the power to make this world an amazing place to be for all of us!


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