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Reiki Inspired Jewelry

Reiki Inspired Jewelry

Jewelry is beautiful and fun to wear – but did you know it can also be a force of positive healing and empowerment in your life? Reiki inspired jewelry makes it easy for you to look good, feel good, and open up to healing energies that can transform your life journey from the inside out!

Reiki is a powerful energy-based healing technique that has its origins in Japan with Mikao Usui. The Reiki tradition teaches people how to connect with the power of life energy and channel that energy into others to help create the perfect blessed environment for healing. Jewelry, like the human hands, has the ability to hold and transmit good energy when it is created with intention and high vibration, and it is this Reiki inspired jewelry that can change your life.

reiki inspired jewelry

The Circles Of Inspiration pieces that I create are all inspired by the good things. Reiki, energy, blessings, wisdom, and love. I hold these things in my heart, mind, and hands as I create my jewelry to ensure that whoever wears them benefits in more ways than just looking amazing!

Many of the pieces I have created are inspired by the words of master Usui, especially ‘Love’ and ‘Gratitude’. I like to remember the ‘just for today’ poem of Reiki when I create…

For today only, do not anger, do not worry.
Do your spiritual work with appreciation.
Be kind to all people.
In the morning and at night, with hands held in prayer,
think this in your mind, chant this with your mouth.
Mikao UsuiĀ 
1862 – 1926, Japan
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