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Simple Ways To Grow Gratitude

Simple Ways To Grow Gratitude

November is a great time to celebrate gratitude and to cultivate more awareness of the big and small things in our lives that we have to be grateful for. If you’re looking for some easy, inspiring, and empowering ways to grow your¬†gratitude¬†this year, this post if for you! I’ve arranged some of my favorite methods for opening up my heart and seeing the beauty all around me – and they’re sure to work wonders for you too!

The more gratitude we have, the more we get from life. Thankfulness makes our hearts open in love and trust, and this allows us to accept all of the good things that the world conspires to bless us with. A fearful heart is often closed and predisposed to negativity, so gratitude is a true ‘cure all’ that bathes us in positive energy and changes the way we see the world and live in it.

Simple Ways To Grow Gratitude

See It In A Positive Light

As you walk through your life, try to intentionally see things as inherently good and positive. It’s easy for us to get caught up in seeing only the bad in life because that’s what we instinctively want to protect ourselves from… but when we choose to only see the good, we end up only getting the good – no protection needed!

Express Gratitude

Saying thank you is seriously one of the most important things we can do. Those two little words create ripples of positive energy, just like when you toss a pebble into a pond. Expressing gratitude for everything lets people know they are valued and helps them turn on their higher selves. You create so much joy when you honor people!

Love You

Taking time to ensure that you show yourself as much gratitude as you try to show the world is extremely important. Making sure that you take time for breaks, treat yourself to healthy food, and say thank you when you have a big or small win is really magical. Love yourself as much as you want to love the world!


This month, resolve to add more gratitude to your life – the results will astound you!


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