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Solar Eclipse 2012

Solar Eclipse 2012

I am so excited for the annular solar eclipse this weekend! I love when these celestial events happen to remind us just how amazing the universe we live in really is. I especially love eclipses because of how much attention and interest they get from people all over the world. It’s so beautiful to imagine thousands of people stepping outside, out of their daily routines, to share in witnessing a little miracle in the heavens.

One of the reasons that I chose a circle shape for my inspirational charms is that it reminds me of the universe we all live in. The Sun, the Earth, the Moon, and many celestial orbits are in circular shapes, so the Circles Of Inspiration charms are like little mirrors reflecting how we are all connected and all part of the greater circle of spiritual life, love, and connection. When the eclipse happens this Saturday May 20, 2012, I’ll be wearing my ‘Grateful’ Super Charm to show my appreciation for the event itself and the beautiful rhythm of the Earth, Sun, Moon, and stars that take place every single day without fail.

If you’d like to join me in celebrating this special event, here are a few pointers to enjoy the 2012 solar eclipse safely and respectfully…

  •  NEVER look directly at the sun unless you are wearing specialized glasses or filters that have been created especially for this purpose. Regular sunglasses or welder’s helmets are not enough to protect your eyes from the sun’s rays! Instead, check out this simple DIY pinhole camera that you can make at home!
  • Show up early! Make sure that you are all set up and ready to go in advance. Sometimes a tree or building may be blocking your view, so you’ll need to have time to move your location in order to get a great view. This year, the sun will be low in the USA at the time of the eclipse so you’ll want to have a great view of the western horizon.

The best places to see the 2012 solar eclipse include…

  • Parts of Europe
  • Parts of Asia
  • Much of North America
  • Pacific
  • Atlantic
  • Arctic

Click HERE to find the time of the eclipse in your local area.

The animation below is an example of what can been seen from New Mexico on Saturday…

Enjoy the show!


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  1. Thank you for this post! I didn’t even realize there was an eclipse in the offing. I love the animated globe and how you tied this in to your lovely jewelry!


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