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The Circle Of Blessings

The Circle Of Blessings

Have you ever wished that you could feel more ‘connected’ to the good things that you know are around you all the time? Have you ever wondered what you can do to tap in to the endless stream of joy, abundance, healing, and spiritual elevation that is available to each of us at every moment? Well, you’re in luck! In this post I’m going to share with you the simple secret to spiritual empowerment that is taught in just about every spiritual tradition across the glob – and across time… and it’s something you can start doing right this second and feel the results immediately!

That’s it!

In order to be part of the endless and infinite circle of blessings in life, you simply need to jump in and start participating! It’s kind of like a dance – when you step on the the dance floor and start to shake it, everyone around you joins in with the same rhythm!

Living in a mindset where you have the power to bless others – and you use it every single day – will dramatically change your life from the most fundamental levels upwards. Simply walking down the street and sending blessings in the form of a smile, a kind word, a positive thought, or just a grateful feeling of acceptance can change EVERYTHING!

Imagine seeing every person, place, and moment as an opportunity for you to generate good vibes and send them out into the universe where they will heal and create miracles in ways you can never imagine. This is how it’s done!

Remember: Openly bless, and openly be blessed. Allow yourself to receive all of the blessings that are being sent to you with an open heart and grateful mind… and in return openly pay it forward and bless others, all the time,  in every way!

Have a beautiful, blessed, and blessing-giving weekend!


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