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The Hidden Pattern In Jewelry

The Hidden Pattern In Jewelry

Have you ever noticed that we love to wear matching earrings and pendants? There’s something about having all three pieces of jewelry on that makes a look feel complete and makes us feel surrounded by the good energy our favorite jewelry pieces bring. Everyone knows that a matching set looks great, but did you know that when you wear earrings and a pendant you are creating an energy pattern on your body that can help create some amazingly positive things in your life? It’s true! When we put on jewelry with intention and meaning, we surround ourselves in that energy and create a field of awareness, consciousness, and positive inspiration around us. Let’s explore…


Three has been viewed as a powerful number in many spiritual traditions. From the 3 faces of many ancient Goddesses to the Holy Trinity, the power of three often represents the ‘all that is’ and the power of creation, sustenance, and transformation. In Hinduism, The Divine is viewed in the three forms of Creator, Sustainer, and Transformer, and anytime the 3 shows up these energies are believed to be present.

Many cultures believe that 3 is a lucky number because it is dynamic, balanced, and energetic. It represents communication, creativity  growth, joy, healing, happiness, and a connection to Source.


The Triangle Of Manifestation

When we wear earrings and a pendant that match up energetically, we create an inverted triangle. This is an ancient symbol used in many spiritual traditions to draw down the many blessings of heaven. If you look at the image above, you can see how the triangle shape seems to point down, a kind of prayer and invocation asking for blessings and good energies to be given.



Circles Of Inspiration Gift Sets

To help all of us tap in to the power of the triangle and the good things it represents, I have created matching earrings to compliment my charms. As a set, they all match perfectly in color, light, and energy – and the good intentions and TLC that go into every pair can be felt instantly!

Click the link below to learn more about the Circles Of Inspiration Gift Sets and see what’s available right now…

Gift Sets

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