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The Importance Of Being Loved

The Importance Of Being Loved

At this time of year many of us celebrate the love and relationships we have in our lives. The world around us becomes rich with the colors, scents, and tastes that remind us of love, and all the shops deck their halls with all kinds of fun things to celebrate the season. For many people, Valentine’s Day is a time to remember how much we are loved – and how much we love, but for some people it can be a time when it’s easy to feel alone. This is the most important time of the year to recognize and ‘call out’ the love we share with others so that we continue to attract more of the same into our lives. If we aren’t in a relationship right now or are having trouble in the ones we have, this is a great time of year to rise above the negativity and focus only on the people in our lives who bring us real loving joy.

Love comes from many directions. Although Valentine’s Day seems to focus on romantic relationships, the truth is that this day is for everyone. Taking time to recognize all of the people who send you love each and every day can transform this holiday into something really magical.

Some of the ways you can celebrate the love in your life include…

  • Giving traditional Valentine’s Day gifts like candy, flowers, or cards
  • Creating handmade gifts to show people how much you care
  • Taking time to say the things to people your heart wants to say
  • Meditating on the many ways in which you are blessed in life
  • Praying for the people who give you love every day
  • Taking time to love yourself more!


Valentine’s Day is for love! Let’s use this time of year as an excuse to send more love and positive energy to the people we encounter at every moment. They all deserve it, and it will all come back to us in one way or another.

Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone!


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