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The Meaning Of Crystals In Circles Of Inspiration Charms

The Meaning Of Crystals In Circles Of Inspiration Charms

One of the most eye catching elements used in my Circles Of Inspiration Super Charms are the genuine Swarovski© crystals that dangle and shine from each of the unique charm pieces. I am a huge fan of the perfect crystals and have always been fascinated by the color, beauty, light, and meaning that they add to the jewelry I create. For every crystal I add to each inspirational charm, I select colors and crystal designs that perfectly compliment the meaning of the charm while adding beauty at the same time. Every single handmade super charm has a specific collection of Swarovski© crystals that complete it!

Throughout time, crystals have been a symbol for power, resilience, endurance, and brilliance. The way they catch light and play with it reminds is that every situation has many ways of expression, and like the facets on a crystal, we are all equally unique and powerful.

Crystals occupy a high position in the world of spiritual healing because they are believed to be able to ‘store’ energy in the form of information and training and impart it to the person who wears them at times of need. As I add crystals to my handmade charm necklaces, I hold the intention that the crystals will perfectly reflect the true meaning of each unique charm to bless, empower, and bring good things to the person who wears it.

When I see crystals, I am reminded that strength and beauty often go hand in hand. Although crystals are light and playful in appearance, they are also extremely strong! I love the symbolism of combining strength and delicate beauty – and I think this is an important reminder for each and every woman who wears one of the Circles Of Inspiration Super Charms as she goes out into the world. Like crystals, we are each unique, bringers of light, and sources of much beauty in this world!

As you wear your charm necklace adorned with genuine Swarovski© crystals, I hope that all of the power, strength, intention, and blessings they carry will flow through you and to you in amazing ways!



3 Responses to “The Meaning Of Crystals In Circles Of Inspiration Charms”

  1. rosie says:

    Your jewellery is very beautiful. However, I am confused as to your reference to ‘Genuine Swarovski Crystals’ and their ability to be used in crystal healing. As they are man made glass beads with no crystal structure whatsoever, they cannot be used in crystal healing. Crystal healers use genuine, natural gemstones which have naturally grown over millions of years under the earth’s crust or deep in the earth’s mantle. Swarovski is man made, mass produced, machine cut glass which therefore cannot be compared to crystals in an way shape or form.

    • Anna Pereira says:

      I understand your point about gemstones and crystalline structures, but I believe that any item can be infused with intention, energy, and matrix. Throughout the ages various spiritual traditions and healers have used stones, fabric, knots, glass, grains, and other materials to hold a ‘charge’. In the modern day, I apply these same principles to every single element I work with. I put just as much love and intent into the silver clasps and pearls as I do the Swarovski crystals. It’s important to remember, I think, that we are only limited by how much of the hologram we can see. When we allow the ways in which we have co-created with divinity in nature, then all things have the ability to become channels and sources of healing inspiration. A painting, a word, a necklace, a crystal formation, and sacred spot in an ancient forest – it’s all relevant and valuable.

      Another level of the Swarovski pieces in particular is color. They are translucent which means that they do throw color to the skin. Chromatherapy is a powerful and ancient modality that allows the human energy field to be positively influenced by the presence of light and color – and Swarovski crystals are a great way to implement that in a way that many people find accessible in the modern day.

      Thanks for your comment:)

  2. HelenHnin says:

    Crystals are so amazing and have a lot of meanings. In our traditional, crystal is used as charm for health, wealth, luck and beauty. Some also believe if you wear a crystal on your right hand, it keeps bad lucks and evil spirits away from you. It’s power is so amazing.

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