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The Root Chakra

The Root Chakra

This week we kick off our exploration of the 7 chakras! We’ll be looking at them from a variety of angles both traditional and progressive, and we’ll be sharing lots of information to help you connect more consciously to the life energy that exists in your won being.


The Root Chakra

Located at the base of the spine, the root chakra relates to the here and now and our being on this Earth.

When you think of roots, what comes to mind? Being firmly connected to the Earth, grounded, centered, and linked up to the source of nourishment. These things are all true for the root chakra as we’ll explore.

Staying Rooted

When we have a healthy balance in our root chakras we feel at home in this world and we feel connected to the earth that supports us. The root chakra helps draw up life energy from the earth and saturate the entire being with it, so it actually does very much resemble the roots of a tree or plant.

When the root chakra is healthy we have good stability in life, feel safe and sound wherever we’re at, are able to fully assimilate energy from nature and food, have food follow-through in projects we undertake, and are able to stand and sit comfortably.

A root chakra that is imbalanced may lead to feelings of being alienated from the world, instability, issues with the strength of the lower back or legs, or issues absorbing the love and nourishment that the east offers. Many people who spend ‘too much time in their heads’ have root chakra issues as well which is why they tend to live in higher chakras all the time.

Healing The Root Chakra

A simple and effective way to heal and empower the root chakra is to spend more time on the soil. Take time to put your feet on the earth and try to consciously and openly allow the love and good things the earth has to flow up your legs and into your whole body. You can also just spend time sitting in a relaxed way on the bare earth. The more time you spend connected to the ground below, the more your root chakra will be able to self-heal. While there are more intense meditations you can do, this always works and it’s so easy that anyone can make it happen!

Next week we’ll be looking at the sacral chakra and exploring how it influences self-worth, body issues, sexuality, and personal power. Stay tuned!

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