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The Spiritual Meaning Of Colors

The Spiritual Meaning Of Colors

When designing all of my Circles Of Inspiration charms, one of the things I keep at the front of my mind and my heart is the deeper meanings and energies of the colors I work with. If you’ve seen my gallery, you know that I absolutely love color and I’m always looking for new ways to mix and match color energies to create the perfect spiritual charms and inspirational jewelry pieces for my clients. As we come to the part of the year when there seems to be more color in the world around us than at any other time on the calendar, I thought it might be fun to share some of my favorite colors with you, and explore their spiritual and healing meanings as well.


Red is a stimulating and activating color that gets our energy moving and helps open us up to the full potential of life. Within red there is courage, accountability, personal power, will, and passion. This is a great color for anyone looking to kick it up a notch in life and push the limits for a better tomorrow.


Orange is a vibrant and stimulating color that is closely related to courage, will power, stamina, and flair. Orange is the perfect color for people who are ready to come out of their shells – or take a leap of faith on a new path.


Yellow is one of my favorite colors because it helps with creativity, intuition, and manifestation. This warming color opens up our ability to turns ideas into reality so it’s a great choice for artists and people who are finding their inner voice.


Green always reminds me of nature – and the spiritual meaning of green has a lot to do with nurturing, growth, and abundance. This is a great color choice for people who need help with prosperity in all its forms, and for those people who find the greatest comfort in the great outdoors.


Peaceful blue helps calm the  mind and release worries. This tranquil color allows us to see the beauty and safety in every moment and to take actions that create a better world. This is the perfect color for people who deal with a lot of stress, anxiety, or worry.


Noble purple is the ancient color of spirituality. In years gone by, only royalty were allowed to honor of wearing this color – but now each of us can ‘put on the purple’ and embrace the royalty that we all are! This is a great color for people working on spiritual growth, self esteem, and self healing.


My favorite! Love, kindness, compassion, friendship, and giving all come under the power of pink. This color inspires us to live life in a light way, let go of the drama, and follow the love energy. This is a great color for everyone – especially those people who need to feel more love, acceptance, and worth in their lives.


Brown is the ultimate color of Mother Earth. It grounds us, calms us, and helps us feel that safe and protected feeling that only a mother’s energy can give. Brown is a great color for kids, sensitive people, or those who would benefit from feeling more grounding and universal protection in their lives.


Despite some beliefs, black is actually a very sacred and spiritually elevated color. Within black all colors exist, so it represents the grand mystery of life, the Creator, and unlimited potential. Black is a great color for people who need to create more options in their lives, or who want to reconnect to the beautiful mysteries that surround us at every moment.


To see all of these powerful healing colors in action, click the image below to check out the full selection of Circles Of Inspiration charms!

What’s YOUR favorite color?

How do certain colors make YOU feel?

Do you find yourself choosing colors to help your mood or your goals throughout the week?

Share them in the comments section below and be part of the Circle Of Inspiration!

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