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To Light A Candle

To Light A Candle

Have you noticed that more candles burn at this time of year than any other? It seems that one of the celebrations of the season for many people is to break out their favorite candle holders and festive candles to add light and warmth to the season. I personally love candles andĀ findĀ them to be a an irreplaceable addition to prayer, meditation, and celebration. Today I’d like to share some of my ideas about candles and the reason why they play such an important role at this time of year.

The Light Of Prayer

For many people, this is a sacred and holy time of year. Candles are often lit to signify the presence of Divine Wisdom and to help connect us to our Source. The light of a candle instantly comforts the mind and places us in a position of being illuminated and warmed. There’s something timeless, ancestral, and empowering about kindling even the smallest fire as we celebrate sacred moments.

The Lighthouse

To light a candle at a celebration or festivity is to create a beacon of energy that we can all respond to. A candle among a group of people can create a focal point to bring them together and create harmony among them all.

The Return Of The Sun

December 21st is the Winter Solstice. On this day the night is at its longest. The next day, the sun starts taking over again and the days become longer each day until the Summer Solstice. Lighting candles at this time of year is a traditional way of reminding our hearts and minds that the light and warmth will return, and that we’ve made it through the darkest of the season.

As you gather together with your loved ones this season, incorporate the meaning and symbolism of candles – you’ll love the light, warmth, and meaning!

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