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Whoa, Oprah!

Whoa, Oprah!

A couple of weeks ago I was fortunate to attend a very special event hosted by none other than the queen of inspiration herself, Oprah! At this event I got my inspiration batteries filled up by hundreds of other women who were there to celebrate the power of positivity, choice, and empowerment.

As many of you know, I’m a big Oprah fan – in fact, I’m a big fan of anyone who uses their time in the limelight to spread a message of love, peace, healing, and spiritual growth. I’ve followed her over the years and have always enjoyed the cutting-edge information she shares and the loving way in which she shares it. Needless to say, being in the same auditorium with her was a dream come true… but it gets better!

A few days after the event, this happened…



You saw that right! It’s a direct message (DM) from Oprah herself adding special energy to a post I had made earlier on my Twitter feed.

I cannot tell you how stunned, grateful, and proud I was in that moment – it was truly amazing!

There was a big lesson in all of this for me: what we dream about and where we put our energy ends up working its way to becoming our reality. Even the most impossible things like meeting Oprah, getting a hug, and then getting a DMĀ can and will happen if they are nourished with energy, intention, and hard work – and especially if they are in line with the good of all.

Dream big. You deserve it!

One Response to “Whoa, Oprah!”

  1. Allison says:

    This is amazing!!! :)

    I was at the Oprah event in Newark, NJ – – life changing!

    Blessings and light to you ~


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